UME vs PF Player Stats and Record, 6th Match: ECS T10 Sweden 2021, Playing11, Pitch Report, Fantasy Cricket Tips

UME vs PF Player Stats and Dream11 Team Prediction

Today’s Match UME vs PF Player Stats and Record | Playing11, Fantasy Cricket Tips, Umea vs Pakistanska Forening, UME vs PF Dream11 Team Prediction, 6th Match: ECS T10 Sweden 2021

UME vs PF Dream11 Prediction:

Umea will take on Pakistanska Forening in the 6th match of the FanCode ECS T10 Sweden Stockholm 2021 at the venue of Norsborg Cricket Ground in Stockholm. If you’re looking for UME vs PF Dream11 Team Prediction and Player Stats then you’re in the right place.

Last Year’s Champion, Pakistanska Forening have a brilliant start in the tournament as they registered victory in the first two matches, and played at 1st place on the points table. in their first match, they beat Botkryka by 21 runs.

On the other hand, Umea will play their debut match in this ECS T10 Sweden Stockholm 2021 and this team will play under the leadership of Majid Mustafa in this tournament. the team had played some good cricket in the last 3 years.

UME vs PF Match Details:

Match: Umea vs Pakistanska Forening
Competition: ECS T10 Sweden 2021
Time & Date: 20 July 2021, 02:30 PM (IST)
Venue: Norsborg Cricket Ground in Stockholm

UME vs PF Pitch Report

The pitch of the Norsborg Cricket Ground using an artificial track for this tournament and it’s a neutral track so both batsmen and bowlers need to put effort to get success.

UME vs PF Team Squad:


Gopinathan Manavalan, Zeeshan Haider, Majid Mustafa, Pardeep Singh, Pradeep Mishra, Sohail Adnan, Bilal Saleem, Amir Husseini, Syed Junaid, Arslan Bajwa, Abid Sayyid, Hani Hassan, Nasir Mehmood, Mahmood Ahmad, Tatbeeq Raza Ullah, Haseeb Babar, Abdullah Abrar, Kaiyum Miah, Dharmesh Sabharwal, Sukhbir Singh, Sulman Yusuf.

Pakistanska Forening

Kamran Zia, Mohammad Vajjih Ali, Usama Chaudhary, Imam Din, Sheharyar Raza, Abdullah Khalil, Waqar Hasan, Ali Husnain, Ali Usman, Aljabbar Hussain, Bilal Muhammad, Faraan Chaudhary, Farrukh Ilyas, Hammad Iftikhkar, Jawan Awan, Jitender Singh, Khalil Jalali, Muhammad Abdullah, Muhammad Waqqas Vaince, Qamrii Gujjar, Ruksar Ahmed, Sameer Ali Khan, Shahzaib Gul, Shari Shaji, Talha Mustafa, Zubair Aslam.

UME vs PF Player Stats and Record

Let’s Find Out UME vs PF Player Stats for Today’s FanCode ECS T10 Sweden 2021 Match No. 4, which will help you to create a winning Dream11 Team for Today’s ECS T10 Sweden Match.

Pakistanska Forening Player Stats

Batting Stats

Sameer Ali Khan (ECS T10)7510646*35.33135.890/0
Faraan Chaudhary (ECS T10)75944318.8167.850/0
Kamran Zia (T20)15106019671.430/0
Mohammad Vajjih Ali (T10)85562414155.560/0
Jitender Singh (T20)3351401794.440/0
Farrukh Ilyas (T20)33443614.67157.140/0
Khalil Jalali (T10)8643218.61720/0
Ruksar Ahmed (T20)33373112.33115.620/0
Muhammad Abdullah (T20)991972.3836.540/0
Abdullah Khalil (ECS T10)521717*170
Waqqas Vaince (ECS T10)51141414116.660/0
Ali Usman (T20)331366.556.520/0
Talha Mustafa (T20)13111241.227.270/0
Imam Din (ECS T10)3285466.660/0
Usama Chaudhary (ECS T10)3155*1250/0
Hammad Iftikhkar22110.512.50/0
Waqar Hasan (ECS T10)4
Bilal Muhammad (ECS T10)5
Zubair Aslam (ECS T10)5
Jawan Awan (T10)2
Sheharyar Raza
Ali Husnain
Aljabbar Hussain
Qamrii Gujjar
Shahzaib Gul
Shari Shaji

Bowling Stats

Khalil Jalali (T10)8814107.868.4
Bilal Muhammad (ECS T10)5885.756
Sameer Ali Khan (ECS T10)71286.669
Waqqas Vaince (ECS T10)5867.878
Ali Usman (T20)331248.4218
Jawan Awan (T10)224348
Muhammad Abdullah (T20)9719.3310.0539
Kamran Zia (T20)1537210.1421
Usama Chaudhary (ECS T10)33276
Zubair Aslam (ECS T10)56.1210.3718.5
Jitender Singh (T20)331227.4236
Abdullah Khalil (ECS T10)5314.3318
Waqar Hasan (ECS T10)411106
Faraan Chaudhary (ECS T10)4416.2524
Farrukh Ilyas (T20)322115.512
Talha Mustafa (T20)13131918
Mohammad Vajjih Ali (T10)811011
Hammad Iftikhkar (T20)211.4016.8
Ruksar Ahmed (T20)311012
Imam Din (ECS T10)3

Umea Player Stats

Batting Stats

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Bilal Saleem (T10)661355733.75175.321/0
Majid Mustafa (T10)658855441761/0
Sulman Yusuf4448191271.640/0
Pardeep Singh (T10)63472915.67142.420/0
Syed Junaid (T20)43462315.3377.970/0
Hani Hassan (T10)523029301500/0
Haseeb Babar (T20)6529227.2587.880/0
Gopinathan Manavalan (T20)3328251493.330/0
Mahmood Ahmad (T20)4427156.7577.140/0
Tatbeeq Raza Ullah (T10)42251712.51000/0
Arslan Bajwa (T10)64241312109.090/0
Amir Husseini (T10)62191819158.330/0
Zeeshan Haider1155*55.560/0
Pradeep Mishra (T20)51111500/0
Sohail Adnan
Abid Sayyid
Nasir Mehmood
Abdullah Abrar
Kaiyum Miah (T10)2
Dharmesh Sabharwal
Sukhbir Singh

Bowling Stats

Haseeb Babar (T20)6517115.249.3
Pradeep Mishra (T20)551754.5320.4
Gopinathan Manavalan (T20)331135.8222
Syed Junaid (T20)44936.2218
Hani Hassan (T10)54522811.2
Mahmood Ahmad (T20)41229.56
Tatbeeq Raza Ullah (T10)44726.5721
Pardeep Singh (T10)635112.430
Bilal Saleem (T10)658.518.4953
Amir Husseini (T10)64711042
Zeeshan Haider (T20)
Majid Mustafa (T10)6
Sohail Adnan
Arslan Bajwa (T10)6
Abid Sayyid
Nasir Mehmood
Abdullah Abrar
Kaiyum Miah (T10)2
Dharmesh Sabharwal
Sukhbir Singh
Sulman Yusuf4

UME vs PF Probable Playing11 for Today’s Match

Umea Playing 11

Majid Mustafa (C), Arslan Bajwa, Pradeep Singh, Bilal Saleem, Amir Husseini, Haseeb Babar, Hani Hassan, Abdullah Abrar, Syed Junaid, Mahmood Ahmad, Pradeep Mishra.

Pakistanska Forening Playing 11

Faraan Chaudhry, Imam Din, Khalil Jalali, Sameer Ali Khan, Mohammed Vajjih Ali, Waqar Hassan, Usama Chaudhry (wk), Abdullah Khalil, Kamran Zia, Bilal Muhammad (c), Jamal Awan.

UME vs PF Fantasy Cricket Tips


Bilal Saleem: the right-hand batsman and right-arm fast bowler is a hard-hitting batsman who can open for Umea in the match and have the potential to play a big knock in this match.

Majid Mustafa: the right-handed top-order batsman and wicket-keeper is one of the most reliable batsman with sound technique. He is the all-time leading run-scorer and captain of UME.

Hani Hassan: the 19-year old all-rounder is a shining star. He is one of the best batsman in Umea and is hard to hit when he is bowling.

Pradeep Singh: is a middle-order batsman with good technique who can hit long sixes as well. An economical and tricky bowler to hit due to his tight line and lengths.


Khalil Jalali: play at No. 3 for Pakistanska and in two matches he has scored 43 runs with the best of 31 and strike rate of 130.30 and also did economical bowling in three overs.

Sameer Ali Khan: is another good all-rounder option for your fantasy team and he plays in the middle order, in the last two matches, has scored 35 runs with a strike rate of 134.61

Farhan Chaudhry: the opening batsmen scored only 21 runs in two innings but he is still a good pick for a fantasy team in last season he had scored 94 runs in just 5 Innings with a strike rate of 167.85.

Bilal Muhammad is one of the key bowlers for Pakistanska, in the first two matches in the tournament, he has picked 3 wickets with an economy rate of 4.50.

UME vs PF Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

UME vs PF Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

UME vs PF Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

UME vs PF Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

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