STO vs BOT Player Stats and Record | 7th Match: ECS T10 Sweden 2021, Playing11, Pitch Report, Fantasy Cricket Tips

STO vs BOT Player Stats

Today’s Match STO vs BOT Player Stats and Record | Playing11, Fantasy Cricket Tips, Stockholm vs Botkyrka, STO vs BOT Dream11 Team Prediction, 7th Match: ECS T10 Sweden 2021

STO vs BOT Dream11 Prediction:

The match 7th of the FanCode ECS T10 Sweden Stokholm 2021 will be played between Stockholm vs Botkyrka at the venue of Norsborg Cricket Ground in Stockholm. If you’re looking for STO vs BOT Dream11 Team Prediction and Player Stats then you’re in the right place.

After winning their first match against Pakistanska Forening by 30 runs, team Stockholm has made a good comeback in their second game.

On the other hand, Botkyrka also lost their first match against Pakistanska Forening by 21 runs and but in the second match, they have registered victory in a very close match against Forenom Royals and placed at 2nd place with 2 points.

STO vs BOT Match Details:

Match: Stockholm vs Botkyrka
Competition: ECS T10 Sweden 2021
Time & Date: 20 July 2021, 04:30 PM (IST)
Venue: Norsborg Cricket Ground in Stockholm

STO vs BOT Pitch Report:

The pitch of the Norsborg Cricket Ground using an artificial track for this tournament and it’s a neutral track so both batsmen and bowlers need to put effort to get success.

STO vs BOT Team Squad:


Abhishek Mathur, Ankit Tiwari, Archan Vaidya, Avinash Upadhyaya, Chenna Nali, Deepanjan Singh, Goutam Ramamurthy, Harlagan Sandhu, Himanshu Patel, Jyotimoi Saikia, Karthik Jayachandran, Kaushik Vats, Kunal Panchal, Manoj Tomar, Neil Tagare, Praveen Natarajan, Rajesh Lal, Rakesh Kumar, Santosh Yadlapalli, Satya Meka, Shiva Arsi, Sridhar Pokala, Vinod Chalindra.


Aamer Riaz, Ahmed Zulfiqar, Ali Hassani, Asad Iqbal, Asif Khan, Faisal Mushtaq, Gurupal Randhawa, Muhammad Ashfaq, Nadeem Ali, Osama Qureshi, Qasib Rashid, Rehman Abdul, Shani Khawaja, Tahir Tarar, Wasif Muhammad, Zeeshan Mahmood.

STO vs BOT Player Stats and Record

Let’s Find out STO vs BOT Player Stats for Today’s FanCode ECS T10 Sweden 2021 Match No. 7, which will help you to create a winning Dream11 Team for Today’s ECS T10 Sweden Match.

Stockholm Player Stats

Batting Stats

Shiva Arsi (T20)1391606132119.41/0
Praveen Natarajan (T10)551335126.6138.541/0
Kunal Panchal (T20)13101302818.5786.670/0
Rajesh Lal (T20)771153519.17118.560/0
Abhishek Mathur (ECS T10)446128*20.33101.660/0
Sridhar Pokala (T20)43573257167.650/0
Himanshu Patel (ECS T10)555633*18.66114.280/0
Ankit Tiwari (T10)43553227.5130.950/0
Manoj Tomar (T20)334238211750/0
Kaushik Vats (ECS T10)4430187.576.920/0
Chenna Nali (ECS T10)43272313.593.10/0
Archan Vaidya (T10)112424*218.180/0
Vinod Chalindra (ECS T10)22168869.560/0
Karthik Jayachandran (ECS T10)111313131300/0
Neil Tagare (T20)1111111191.670/0
Jyotimoi Saikia (ECS T10)2177*1400/0
Santosh Yadlapalli (ECS T10)3264*6750/0
Harlagan Sandhu (T10)516661500/0
Rakesh Kumar (T20)112542.5500/0
Avinash Upadhyaya (ECS T10)2
Deepanjan Singh (T10)2
Goutam Ramamurthy
Satya Meka

Bowling Stats

Rakesh Kumar (T20)111141245.110.2
Sridhar Pokala (T20)441365.0813
Shiva Arsi (T20)1310224833
Abhishek Mathur (ECS T10)4836.1216
Deepanjan Singh (T10)22433.258
Harlagan Sandhu (T10)54837.516
Kunal Panchal (T20)1551039.120
Praveen Natarajan (T10)54738.7114
Rajesh Lal (T20)72524.615
Avinash Upadhyaya (ECS T10)24110.7524
Manoj Tomar (T20)331216.1772
Ankit Tiwari (T10)422011

Botkyrka Player Stats

Batting Stats

Tahir Tarar (T20)331368168156.321/0
Ali Hassani (T20)2522134248.9386.450/0
Shani Khawaja (T10)881335922.17162.21/0
Zeeshan Mahmood (T10)86972924.25153.970/0
Gurupal Randhawa (T10)11841106.83110.810/0
Wasif Muhammad (T20)32403820137.930/0
Rehman Abdul (T20)113434*125.930/0
Aamer Riaz (T10)53271113.5103.850/0
Faisal Mushtaq (T20)442712900/0
Ahmed Zulfiqar (T10)2226132692.860/0
Asad Iqbal (T10)4322141178.570/0
Qasib Rashid (T10)3364342.860/0
Osama Qureshi (T10)113542.555.560/0
Nadeem Ali (T10)1111133.330/0
Asif Khan (T10)2
Muhammad Ashfaq (T10)1

Bowling Stats

Ali Hassani (T20)251121128.5710.5
Osama Qureshi (T10)11111777.8814.6
Faisal Mushtaq (T20)4411.266.6211.3
Zeeshan Mahmood (T10)881457.6416.8
Tahir Tarar (T20)331146.9116.5
Asif Khan (T10)22326.339
Asad Iqbal (T10)4331818
Gurupal Randhawa (T10)1143.517.0423
Rehman Abdul (T20)11213.512
Wasif Muhammad (T20)3121212
Aamer Riaz (T10)544012
Nadeem Ali (T10)11404
Qasib Rashid (T10)32208
Ahmed Zulfiqar (T10)2
Muhammad Ashfaq (T10)1
Shani Khawaja (T10)8

STO vs BOT Probable Playing 11 for Today’s Match

Stockholm Playing 11

Abhishek Mathur, Praveen Natarajan, Vinod Chalindra, Shiva Arsi, Manoj Tomar, Himanshu Patel, Chenna Nali (c) (wk), Avinash Upadhyaya, Deepjagan Singh, Santhosh Yadlapalli, Sridhar Pokala.

Botkyrka Playing 11

Zeeshan Mahmood, Gurpal Randhawa, Shani Khawaja, Tahir Tarar (c), Muhammad Ashfaq, Wasif Muhammad, Ali Hassani (wk), Osama Qureshi, Rehman Abdul, Nadeem Ali, Faisal Mushtaq.

STO vs BOT Fantasy Cricket Tips


Vinod Chalindra
Shiva Arsi
Manoj Tomar
Deepjagan Singh
Abhishek Mathur


Zeeshan Mahmood
Gurpal Randhawa
Shani Khawaja
Tahir Tarar
Faisal Mushtaq

STO vs BOT Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

STO vs BOT Dream11 Team Prediction for Small League

STO vs BOT Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

STO vs BOT Dream11 Team Prediction for Grand League

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