MAR vs SOC Player Stats and Record: ECS T10 Malta, Playing11, Live Score and Fantasy Team

MAR vs SOC Player Stats

Today’s MAR vs SOC Player Stats and Record, 21th & 22th Match: ECS T10 Malta 2021: Playing11, Live Score, and Marsa vs Southern Crusaders Dream11 Team Prediction, Player Stats, Analysis and Performance of European Cricket Series Malta 2021

In this article we will discuss Dream11 team with the help of MAR vs SOC Player Stats and provide winning tips for Grand League

MAR vs SOC Dream11 Prediction:

Match No 21st & 22nd of FanCode ECS T10 Malta 2021 will be played between Marsa vs Southern Crusaders at the venue of Marsa Sports Complex in Malta.

Marsa have won their both opening match in this tournament So far against Royal Strikers by 42 runs and 5 wickets in respective contest.

Southern Crusaders coming into this match after loosing their both games against last year runner-up Atlas UTC Knights and now they will face the champion Marsa in their next match.

Pitch Report For MAR vs SOC

The pitch of the Marsa Sports Complex is a good batting pich, with great assistance for both pacers and spinners on offer. The average first inning score is 75 runs.

MAR vs SOC Teams Squad:


Zeeshan Khan, Niraj Khanna, Haroon Mughal, Waseem Abbas, Fanyan Mughal, Nowell Khosla, Sidharth Anand, Johnnie Grima, Glen Tavilla, Noshair Akhter, Muhammad Usman, David Athwal, Farhan Masih, Muhammad Zubbair, Zohaib Anil, Riaz Ashraf, Noman Mehar.

Southern Crusaders

Michael Goonetilleke, Ryan Bastiansz, Eardley Chandiram, Zeshan Yousaf, Jojo Thomas, Gopal Thakur, Thilan Perera, Bilal Khan, Lakshitha Senevirathna, Ezhaq Masih, Ishantha Kariyawasam, Royal Butt, Angelo Delardon, Denasa Abeysinghe, Azwan Kamaleen, Eranga Jayawardhana, Waseem Sajjad, Aneel Shahid.

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MAR vs SOC Player Stats and Record

Marsa Player Stats (Career+T10)

Most Runs

Zubair Mohammed (Cr)353250970*19.58118.12f
John Grima (Cr)*43293765120.8970.941f
Nowell Khosla (T10)101023555*29.37185.032f
Zeeshan Khan (T10)111021139*30.14145.51
Haroon Mughal (T10)1191715334.2237.51f
Fanyan Mughal (T10)11916461*27.33207.591f
Niraj Khanna (T10)1181063213.25163.07
Zohaib Rais (T20I)761004220129.870
Farhan Masih (Cr)873418*17103.030
Muhammad Usman (T10)622118*21161.53
Glen Tavilla (T10)8214147127.27
David Athwal (Cr)11122*1000
Waseem Abbas (T10)11
Sidharth Anand (T10)10
Noshair Akhter (T10)6
Riaz Ashraf
Noman Mehar

Most Wickets

David Athwal (Cr)1234133/376.6515.69
Zubair Mohammed3653.5133/66.4624.85
Waseem Abbas (T10)1117.5101/119.710.7
Zohaib Rais (Cr)71883/198.1113.5
Fanyan Mughal (T10)111872/169.2215.42
Haroon Mughal (T10)111452/1510.516.8
Sidharth Anand (T10)10853/2211.259.6
Noshair Akhter (T10)6941/99.7713.5
Farhan Masih (Cr)921.142/327.4231.75
Niraj Khanna (T10)1110.432/1210.421.33
Glen Tavilla (T10)8931/59.2218
John Grima* (Cr)44311/18618
Zeeshan Khan (T10)11
Nowell Khosla (T10)10
Muhammad Usman (T10)6
Riaz Ashraf
Noman Mehar

Southern Crusaders Player Stats

Most Runs

Angelo Delardon (Cr)21202765115.3377.751f
Gopal Thakur (T10)11101995428.42157.931f
Ryan Bastiansz (T10)111017545*29.16184.21
Zeshan Yousaf (T10)11111503415135.13
Michael Goonetilleke (T10)111097229.7118.29
Denasa Abeysinghe (Cr)16137428*10.5759.68
Bilal Khan (T10)116541718138.46
Thilan Perera (T10)1153116*15.5106.89
Azwan Kamaleen (Cr)1052212*7.3353.66
Eardley Chandiram (T10)11420136.6666.66
Ishantha Kariyawasam (T10)4211133.33
Jojo Thomas (T10)11
Lakshitha Senevirathna (T10)5
Ezhaq Masih (T10)5
Royal Butt (Cr)2
Eranga Jayawardhana (Cr)
Waseem Sajjad (Cr)
Aneel Shahid (Cr)

Most Wickets

Zeshan Yousaf (T10)112182/137.42
Jojo Thomas (T10)111982/911.47
Eardley Chandiram (T10)1113.172/411.16
Azwan Kamaleen (Cr)101972/37.77
Lakshitha Senevirathna (T10)1012.562/812.46
Denasa Abeysinghe (Cr)161562/196.67
Ezhaq Masih (T10)58.132/189.06
Angelo Delardon (Cr)21732/153.43
Ryan Bastiansz (T10)112.521/1915.52
Bilal Khan (T10)112121/136.61
Gopal Thakur (T10)11
Michael Goonetilleke (T10)11
Thilan Perera (T10)11
Ishantha Kariyawasam (T10)4
Royal Butt (Cr)2
Eranga Jayawardhana (Cr)
Waseem Sajjad (Cr)
Aneel Shahid (Cr)

MAR vs SOC Playing11 with Recent Performance


Zeeshan Khan – 44, 42*
Nowell Khosla – 1+2w, 13+2w
Niraj Khanna – 23+1w, 54*
Fanyan Mughal – 9+0w, DNB+1w
Haroon Mughal (c) – 1, DNB+1w
Muhammad Usman – 12*, DNB
Waseem Abbas – 13*+1w, DNB+1w
Johnnie Grima (wk) – DNB, DNB
David Athwal – DNB+0w, DNB
Noman Mehar – DNB, DNB
Muhammad Zubbair – DNB+1w, DNB+3w

Southern Crusaders

Zeshan Yousaf – 7+0w, 29+0w
Thilan Perera – 0
Ryan Bastiansz – 34, 0
Gopal Thakur (wk) – 1, 19
Michael Goonetilleke (c) – 1, 9
Angelo Delardon – 5, 10*
Ishantha Kariyawasam – 18*+0w
Denasa Abeysinghe – DNB
Eardley Chandiram – DNB+1w
Jojo Thomas – 1+3w, DNB+2w
Ezhaq Masih – DNB+0w, DNB+0w

Azwan Kamaleen – DNB
Waseem Sajjad – DNB+2w
Bilal Khan – 26+1w
Lakshitha Senevirathna – 2+0w

Top Fantasy Picks for MAR vs SOC Dream11 Team


Zeeshan Khan
Nowell Khosla
Niraj Khanna
Muhammad Zubbair


Zeshan Yousaf
Ryan Bastiansz
Gopal Thakur
Jojo Thomas

MAR vs SOC Dream11 Fantasy Team Prediction for Small League

MAR vs SOC Dream11 Fantasy Team Prediction for Small League

MAR vs SOC Dream11 Fantasy Team Prediction for Grand League

MAR vs SOC Dream11 Fantasy Team Prediction for Grand League

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